Sunday, 4 May 2014

oneVault - Updates

Updates on the blog about oneVault have have been few but work on bugs and feature requests have been recently working out well due to a number public holidays and long weekends giving me some time to dev.

There have been a number of bug fixes and speed improvements, but one of the new features is a pre-project scoping section. Someone asked me about getting oneVault involved before the project begins, specifically about pre-project engagement...scoping.

This is sort of my take on it...

Managers can now create dynamic project scope questionnaire templates which can be used over and over again, in the below screenshot we have a basic scope questionnaire template, easily designed in minutes. You can design questions with text, single choice or multiple choice answers, whatever suites your requirement:

When a new pentest requirement comes in the manager can select a scoping questionnaire template and send it off to the client. oneVault will send an email off to the end-client with a dynamic link to the questionnaire which the client will fill out:

The manager will be able to keep an eye on the questionnaires sent out and review completed applications

From here the Manager will be able to create a new project, assign it to a pentester and they will have access to view the scope and work accordingly within the scope.

I am pretty happy with it and its all coming along quite nicely. If you want to beta or play with it get hold of me or send me requests and idea's you would like to see in it.

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