Sunday, 26 May 2013

Introduction to my blog

So I have been in the infosec space for a good 13+ years now, 6 of them spent pentesting at SensePost in my younger years before heading up the Security Intelligence unit in a information security department in "government" and then starting my own sideline business and joining a specialist bank in South Africa as part of the Cyber Security Team (Red Team of course!).

Over the years I have contributed bits and pieces to the security community in the form of NASL's for Nessus, silly security testing tools and even co-authored a few chapters in the "Penetration Testers Open Source Toolkit" series published by Syngress Publishing:
  1. Penetration tester's open source Toolkit
  2. Penetration tester's open source Toolkit Volume 2
Other than that its been getting a bit stagnant lately, pretty busy at work I guess. However I decided to start a blog, like there aren't another 5 million or more out there like this (: But at the end of the day this is for me...I want a place to put some of my idea's down, keep a list of "how to's" and maybe someone else might find it useful in one way or another...and in some sort of way I feel like I am still contributing.

Some of my interests:
  • Web Application Testing
  • Network Assessments
  • Android Application Assessments
  • iOS Application Assessments 
  • Intelligence Acquisition and Provisioning
  • IT Fraud Detection and Alerting
  • Dev'ing stuff (Although a good friend of mine once said...hackers make the worst developers...he is probably right!) 
  • Tech (new tech...old tech...gadgets and more)
So anyways thats about it for now...the aim to hopefully post something at least once a month.


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